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Waking Hereward the Wake

Where: Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire

When: Postponed to some time in 2024



Organiser: Wake Hereward Project, by David Maille

Due to various reasons, this event has been postponed, but will hopefully go ahead with a bigger and better plan when the weather warms up in 2024.

Come and view part of my Bayeux Tapestry replica in the early part of an evening of Waking Hereward the Wake, then settle down to listen to a short presentation of the historical embroidery project. There is a lot more to it than simply swinging a needle.

You will get a chance to study the full-scale embroidery between 6.30 and 7.00 pm, before the talks starts. I will be there to answer any questions you may have and you can browse the books I have written about the project. This is an opportunity not to miss.

You will also be able to enjoy a talk by Dr James Pearce, a brief history of The Bayeux Tapestry by David Maille, beautiful Anglo-Saxon lyre music and song by The Dark Bardess and Hereward the Wake himself will be present, reincarnated, of course.

This is a charity and fundraising event for The Friends of St George's Church, so please bear that in mind when attending. Thank you.

Any questions? Please contact the organiser at: 

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