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Humorous tale about Christmas and about the sprites who sparked the tradition of putting a tasty treat out for Santa. 

We all know what Christmas is all about, but did you know that there once were sprites living under the floor boards and a good way of keeping them from being too naughty was to feed them rice pudding? If you didn't know that, this is a tale for you.

This book is suitable for all ages and the size of it makes it perfect for a Christmas stocking. Just saying...

  • Tale sold on Amazon

    Tale written by me and illustrated in Bayeux Tapestry style. It was self published on Amazon and can be found on various sites. Please search for Mia Hansson on the Amazon site and a list of my books will come up.

    The book is available both as a paperback and as an e-book for Kindle.

    The price can vary between different Amazon sites.

  • Shipping information

    Shipping done by Amazon.

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