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Mia's Bayeux Tapestry Colouring Book paperback

Mia's Bayeux Tapestry Colouring Book paperback

My hugely successful debut book - Mia's Bayeux Tapestry Colouring Book - is now available as a paperback. It can be for colouring in or as templates for various craft project.

Each image comes with a black back side to make it suitable for tracing.

The book contains approximately 70 hand drawn images from the Bayeux Tapestry. There are horses, ships, buildings, characters from the famous embroidery, as well as various border creatures.

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    This colouring book was originally published by Eyrie Press, but has now been self published on Amazon and can be found on various sites. The price can vary between different Amazon sites.

    Mia's Bayeux Tapestry Colouring Book  is available both as paperback and as a print at home e-book. Please see the main item list for the e-book details.

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