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The C Lockdown

The C Lockdown

Humurous tale about the strange times we lived through during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, seen through my eyes.

Most of us were affected by the lockdown in some way. I spent my time documenting the events as they unfolded, illustrated them in my signature Bayeux Tapestry style. 

In this book I have collected the main parts of the pandemic and in a lighthearted way, told you how I saw my local world cope with being restricted.

  • Tale sold on Amazon

    Tale written by me and illustrated in Bayeux Tapestry style. The tale was self published on Amazon and is available on various sites. Please search for Mia Hansson on the site and a list of my books will come up.

    This tale is available both as a paperback and as an e-book for Kindle.

    The price can vary between different Amazon sites.

  • Shipping information

    Shipping done by Amazon.

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