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Textile artist, story teller and illustrator

I have been working on a full scale replica of The Bayeux Tapestry since 2016 and my project has branched out to include various kinds of commission work, private tuitions and a range of books. There are musings about my replica project, tales & fairy tales and colouring books. Everything I make is in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry, but I'm happy to custom make art work. My heart lies with my embroidery and I have been taking parts of my replica out locally for live presentations. I no longer do that, in order to safeguard the embroidery. 

After having received a substantial offer of first refusal once the tapestry has been completed, my embroidery has suddenly gone from something I do with as I please to something incredibly valuable. Therefore, I've made a very difficult decision. It breaks my heart saying this, but I feel that I have to, because I stand to lose far too much.

I will no longer take my Bayeux Tapestry replica out for display. Of course, I will honour those commitments I have already made, but I'm sad to say that I won't accept any more bookings at venues from now on. Zoom events will be the only way to see my work from now on. Apologies to everyone who have been considering an event.

On this website, I'm showing what I have on offer, but this isn't a sales page. All my paperback books can be purchased on your chosen Amazon site, worldwide. Simply search for Mia Hansson and a list of all my books will appear. Should you prefer a print-at-home e-version of the colouring books, these can be ordered from my webshop:

Zoom event bookings can be made via the contact link on this website. 

Should you want to make a donation via Paypal to help keep my Bayeux Tapestry replica project growing, you can do so via the link below. Thank you in advance.


If you would like to discuss a live presentation or a custom made item,
please fill in the form and I will get back to you. Thank you.

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