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My Bayeux Tapestry Replica

My Bayeux Tapestry Replica is made using 100% linen fabric, quite heavy weave. I needed something substantial that would support embroidery work without the use of a frame. Embroidery frames and I don't get along.

I have no fabric-specifics, other than that it felt right when I bought it and it was the shade of undyed that I wanted.

The embroidery is made with 100% wool. Below is a link to Appletons Wool's website, where I get everything I need.


Appletons Wool

I use Appletons Wool for my project. The original Bayeux Tapestry was embroidered with crewel wool, which is 2-ply, but I opted for 4-ply tapestry wool and I split it into 2-ply as I go along. This was done for financial reason, but it wasn't clever, so I don't recommend it.​ All I gained was more work and no saved pennies. Saying that, my homemade crewel wool is nice and thick to work with.

As luck would have it (for you), Appletons Wool sells 2-ply crewel wool, should you want to get that for your project. It isn't helping me at this point, as their crewel wool is slightly finer than my makeshift version and I can't risk my embroidery suddenly looking different.


There are only 7 shades on my Bayeux Tapestry Replica - red, yellow, dark and light blue, dark and light green and a dark turquoise. The reference names and numbers for those shades are:

Red – Terra Cotta 126

Yellow – Honey Suckle Yellow 694

Dark blue – Dull China Blue 929

Light blue – Mid Blue 155

Dark green – Jacobean Green 296

Light green – Jacobean Green 293

Dark turquoise – Peacock Blue 647​

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