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Book of The Season

With summer coming to an end and autumn taking over, it's time to start planning for All Saints' Day, Halloween and Samhain. Which one do you celebrate, if any?

My nan used to take me to the graveyard to light candles for her loved and lost ones, but I always kept an eye on the other people lurking around the graves. Where they alive or dead? With the wall between our world and the one beyond being extra thin at this time of year, how could I be sure?

I have written about this and much more in Mia's Bayeux Tales - Halloween, which I have chosen as Book of the Season, for obvious reasons. You can read about my theory of why traditional ghosts wear white sheets and why we dress up for Halloween.

Halloween 7.jpeg
Halloween 9.jpeg

Book Details and Where To Find It

Mia's Bayeux Tales - Halloween is a book in A5 size, with a tale about All Saints' Day, Halloween and Samhain, as well as my personal ideas about this time of the year. It has been illustrated in Bayeux Tapestry style, which is my preferred way of drawing.

This book was originally written in English, but has now been translated to Swedish, Mias Bayeuxsagor - Halloween. Both versions are available on Amazon. You can find handy buttons for the UK, US and Swedish sites above the images on this page.

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